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Good Run Guide is an independent UK-based organisation, which aims to provide the best possible information and online tools for runners of all standards.

To maintain our independence, we don't work directly with any advertisers or sponsors and we provide a 100% ad-free service to our members. To fund the costs of membership we charge a small annual subscription, which we feel gives you a far better experience than having adverts taking up space on the page and us having to constantly pester you with marketing offers.

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Far More Than Just Great British Runs

As well as offering guides for great running routes and a route measurer to map your own, Good Run Guide also provides a comprehensive set of tools to plan and track your runs and goals.

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Demo Training Log

Monsal Dale Loop

Every Good Run Guide member has their own personal online training log, which can be used to plan and track all your training and races.

The training log can be used with popular Garmin GPS devices, as well as our GPS Stopwatch app, and has lots of stats and graphs. It's a fantastic way to motivate yourself, whether you are running competitively, training for a big race, or just running to keep fit.

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Example Route Guide - Route 64: Bristol's Avon Gorge

A run centred around the magnificent Clifton Suspension Bridge, built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, which spans the Avon Gorge. The run takes you down into the gorge under the bridge one way,
back under it the other and finally after a tough but pretty climb, over it. Views of the bridge and gorge are superb. View Guide

Monsal Dale Loop Monsal Dale

Featured Article - Making the most of The Spring

Its time to get out and Explore!

Summer Running

There are just so many amazing places to visit in Great Britain and running is the perfect way to explore many of them, while at the same time keeping fit. 

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We are lucky enough to receive regular great feedback about the website from our Members. Here are a some of the comments that we've received.

"What a truly excellent and user friendly site. It is by far head and shoulders above many other similar running sites."

Eric, Surrey

"Great value, lots of content and I like your philosophy of no silly adverts popping up etc.”

Martin, Kent

“Just thought I would say how useful I find the good run guide log book, I have been attempting to log my runs for years and have used several different systems and the good run guide is only one I have managed to stick at and gives me the info I want in a very easy to use format.”

Nigel, Surrey

“Of all the running websites, I found the Good Run Guide the best by far.”

Jude, Manchester

 “The Good Run Guide is one of the best training tools I have come across”        

Mike, Oxted

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