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Gradient On Treadmill

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Started by : clare on 15/12/11

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clareView Member Profile Friday 23/12/11 18:18:30


thanks for the replys

 like norman I alter the gradient of the treadmill to simulate hills

norman woollard Friday 23/12/11 13:27:51

 Thanks for reply, John. Yes, wanted to record ascents as have been trying to simulate hill running.

John at GRGView Member Profile Tuesday 20/12/11 16:56:57

I'm afraid there isn't any way to record a gradient for treadmill runs at the moment, other than in the Notes.  Are you wanting the ascent of the treadmill runs to be taken into account in your total climb stats or is there some other reason for wanting this?


norman woollard Tuesday 20/12/11 15:39:35

I've got the same problem as a mixture of bad weather and cheap Gym membership means I've done most of my December running on a treadmill. The only 'solution' I've come up with is to match my treadmill runs to a couple of my measured routes and then enter treadmill runs as saved routes. Not really ideal as have been trying to do some tough gradients and intervalls on treadmill which dont really match my saved routes. I wonder if anyone at GRG can help?

Robert BruceView Member Profile Saturday 17/12/11 16:03:25

I use a hill setting on mine, which randonly changes the gradient of the treadmill, the other way is to manually change the gradient as you are running, but you would need to know th grandient of your run and at what distance to put it up, it is always worth running with the treadmill at 1% gradient as this simulates being outside better, then put it up as you feel.

Not sure if this has answered your question

clareView Member Profile Thursday 15/12/11 15:47:04


I was wondered if there was a way I could add the gradient of my run when using a treadmill ?



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