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Shoe Tracker

Use the Shoe Tracker to keep track of how many miles you've run in your shoes so you know when they need replacing.

1 You can track as many many pairs of shoes as you like. Try to give each pair a meaningful name as you will use this name to identify the shoes when you log your run. If you want to change the name you have given to a pair of shoes you can do this at any time, even if you have started to log runs for these shoes.
2 Only have the shoes you currently use on your CURRENT SHOES rack. Move old ones to your RETIRED SHOES rack. You can always move them back if you want to start using them again.
3 To permently delete shoes, first move them to your RETIRED SHOES rack and then click Bin Shoes. Please note, this cannot be undone.
4 Record any information about your shoes that may come in useful when considering buying another pair. This might include where you bought them and the size and width fitting.
5 Use the Notes field to update how you are getting on with the shoes. Perhaps keep a note of any problems you have had with them.
6 Read our advice article on choosing and using Running Shoes.
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