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General Safety

Headphones can be dangerous when you are running, especially on an unfamiliar route. If you can't do without your headphones then take extra care and keep aware of what is happening around you. Many races ban the use of headphones and do this for a good reason, so please stick to this.

Never run in the road if there is a safer pavement you can use. 

Take special care at road junctions and when crossing roads. Look and listen and do not assume drivers have seen you. Its better to stay alive than to achieve a P.B.!

Keep an eye out for bicycles and other pedestrians when crossing roads – remember these do not make much noise.

Do not be so focused on achieving a particular time that it becomes dangerous.  Stop your watch at major road junctions if you are fixated on timing so you will not be attempted to risk dangerous crossings.

Dogs:  If a dog looks likely to give chase or attack then stop running and act calm.  Do not make eye contact.


Cross Country Running

There is safety in numbers – it is always best to run with at least one other person if possible.  However, if you have to run alone then always tell somebody when and where you are going and how long you expect to be. 

Other common sense precautions are: 

  • Carry a mobile phone in case of emergency

  • Do not wear headphones as you will not be aware of any dangers around you

  • We recommend you wear trail shoes which will reduce the risk of slipping

  • Pay particular attention to the surface you are running on – look out for tripping hazards such as tree routes and large stones

  • Always adhere to the countryside code and shut all gates etc.


Running at Night

Try to wear reflective clothing and lights.

Do not run in the road if you can avoid it.

Be more aware of where you are putting your feet as hazards are not always easily spotted, such as tree roots and uneven pavements.


Running with our Maps and App

Do not go all out for a fast time on the first run of our recommended or shared Routes as this could be very dangerous.  Hopefully you will enjoy the Route and have an opportunity to run it again when you are more familiar with it.

Do not read the map or instructions whilst you are actually running as you may not see hazards ahead.

Stop your watch when crossing major roads or are reading instructions – remember you are not in a race so there are no marshals to warn you of hazards!


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