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UKWe only recommend the best running routes we've found in the UK. All our Gold Routes have been run and checked by us and come with comprehensive route guides.

Gold Routes

Researched, run, mapped and recommended by Good Run Guide.

Silver Routes

Recommended by a Good Run Guide Members or Running Clubs and reviewed by Good Run Guide.

Bronze Routes

Recommended by Members but not checked by Good Run Guide.

Parks and Open Spaces

Great places to run where you can make up your own routes.

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Quality Standards

We put a lot of time and effort into researching and surveying the best routes for running around the UK. All our Gold routes have been run and checked by us and our Silver routes have been reviewed by us or are used by Running Clubs. We use the following standards as a guide when selecting routes.

Quality Standard suitable terrain for running
Quality Standard attractive/interesting scenery
Quality Standard easy to follow directions
Quality Standard not hazardous to runners
Quality Standard different to other local routes
Quality Standard ideally a circular route

Route Buddy Scheme

If you're worried about getting lost or would like some company while trying out a new route, our Route Buddy Scheme is here to help! The Scheme has been set up to put Members in touch with other Members who have kindly offered to acts as guides to show people around routes they have suggested.

Where a Route Buddy is available, this logo will be displayed on the Route Overview page. You can contact the Route Buddy using our Contact Form and arrange a mutually convenient time to do the run.
Find out more about Route Buddies

NOTE: The Route Buddy Scheme is available to Full Members and applies to selected Member Routes only.

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Newly Published and Featured Routes


Pooh's Forest FEATURED ROUTE - Registration Not Needed

This is a challenging run for two reasons, firstly the hilly nature of Ashdown Forest and secondly the often muddy paths. Its not all mud though as the route takes in a variety of terrain from grassy field paths, gravelly trails to some quiet county lanes. Find Out More


Home Park NEW

Home park may seem like a poor relation to the Royal Parks of Bushy and Richmond but it has a whole lot to recommend it in its own right. Smaller than those two parks it nevertheless has some magnificent tree lined avenues, the impressive long water and all the while views of Hampton Court Palace across the formal gardens. Find Out More


Cute Cockington NEW

This is a jaunt from the Grand Hotel on the Torquay seafront adjacent Torquay Station along the front, up a nice rural valley path for an exploration of Cockington Country Park and Village. Find Out More

Our Regional Top Picks

We've picked out out top 5 favourite running routes from around the UK. They all have attractive scenery or interesting views and are well worth travelling a bit further to get to if you are in the area.

Routes with a Theme

Great Brtain has an incredibly diverse and attractive landscape and running is a great way to explore this, allowing you to take in many fantastic views and interesting landmarks while still sticking to your training schedule. We've picked some of our favourite routes across various themes that show where running can take you if you go out and explore.

->Routes With a View

->Captivating Coastal Routes

->Challenging Climbs

->Classic Countryside Routes

->Runs To Interesting Places

->Runs With Historic Buildings

->Wandering Water Routes

->Creative City Routes

->Peaceful Park Runs

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1 Look through all the information available before setting off.
2 You can get driving directions to the start of the route from the Route Overview page.
3 Wear running shoes suitable for the terrain and weather. Bear in mind that routes surveyed in the Summer may be more muddy at other times of the year!
4 Read our advice article on Running Safety - if you are exploring somewhere new and remote it may be an idea to run with a friend.
5 Allow plenty of time for running a new route so you can read the map carefully and enjoy the surroundings.
6 Take the Route Directions as well as the map as they may have additional information about key turnings.
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