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Ealing Mile

Date / Time
Monthly every 1st Friday of month (next on 02/05/2014)
Length 1.00 miles (1.6 km)

The Mile Distance is perhaps one of the most famous of Middle Distance Running, experiencing a renaissance in recent years the Ealing Half Marathon team are pleased to bring you The Mile Series events.

Aiming to help promote running in general in Ealing and Hounslow, offering a fast, friendly and fun lunchtime race.

The Courses:

The Ealing Mile is held on the first Friday of each month in Lammas Park. Aiming to help promote running in general in Ealing, offering a fast, friendly and fun lunchtime race. The course is based on the distance markers in Lammas Park, which is one mile over one lap, and has also been measured precisely

The Boston Manor Mile is held on the first Thursday of each month in Boston Manor Park and is officially measured.

Race numbers can be collected on the day from 12:00 onwards, the race will start at 12:30.

Type of Race  Multi-Terrain
Lammas Park, Ealing 
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