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48 Hours in Clumber

Date / Time
Friday, March 7, 2014 at 12:00 a.m.
Length 100.00 miles (160.9 km)
Venue: Clumber Park (S80 3AZ) Date: 7th March 2014 (48 Hour), 8th March (12/ & 24 Hour), 9th March (5k & 10k) 48 Hours of pure running. Choose your category, go solo, run with a friend, or run with a group of friends, then head out and see just how far you can go in 48 hours! Our 10 kilometre loop will test your mental and physical strength and endurance. Tactics will be tried to their limits, hopefully they will last, just like the memories that you will talk about for years to come. On Friday 7th March 2014, at midday the clock will begin, each minute ticking away until Sunday 9th March, exactly 48 hours later. Competitors with the most laps will win! Not quite ready for the full 48 hours? Why not try 24, or even 12? For those who just want a gentle run you can come enjoy the atmosphere and take in the course on our short 5 or 10 k run. Perfect to stretch the legs and enjoy a good day out. What to Expect: Free Camping Food Stalls Chip Timing Competitor goody bag for all starters (T-Shirt etc...) Finishers award for each finishing competitor Great memories!! We are also pleased to announce sponsorship from Ultra Marathon Running Store, providing a great selection of ultra marathon gear, nutrition and other supplies. With this sponsorship, competitors across all categories will get a 15% discount code to be used within the store, just click the logo below, fill your basket, and apply the code in your welcome email to receive your discount.
Type of Race  Multi-Terrain
Clumber Park, Worksop, Nottinghamshire S80 3AZ
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In Advance : £110.00 (affiliated)  £110.00 (unaffiliated)

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Entry Limit 1500
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