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Something Wild Trail Run Festival

Date / Time
Saturday, August 3, 2019 at 10:00 a.m.
Length 3.11 miles (5.0 km)

Day 1 of the Something Wild Trail Festival offers:

1k race: under 8s (one lap), open to children from 2-7. We ask parents to run with their children in this race.

2k race: ages 8-11 (two laps) in age categories 8-9 and 10-11. Parents are welcome to run with their kids in this race – if they can keep up!  

5 k race: for adults and children of 12 or above at 11.00 am.

10k race: for adults and those aged 16 and above.

Register for full details and start times.

For those who are not racing, we have exciting forest school sessions and a bouncy castle.

Race entry includes:

Electronic chip timing;

Fully marked out course using poles, arrows and flashing lights;

Birch wood finisher's medal for all; and

1st, 2nd and 3rd medals for the podium in each of the three age categories.

You can add festival tickets when you register. They include TWO nights camping, PLUS forest school entry for the family, a guided swim, a live band and FREE entry to the Speakers Evening. For people coming without children it's TWO nights camping, a guided swim, a live band and FREE entry to the Speakers Evening.



Something Wild Festival 1K Kids (ages 2-7) 3 August 2019: GBP 5.0,

Something Wild Festival 2K Kids (Ages 8-11) 3 August 2019: GBP 6.0,

Something Wild Festival 5K Kids (Ages 12-17) 3 August 2019: GBP 8.0,

Something Wild Festival 5k Adults (Age 18+) 3 August 2019: GBP 10.0,

Something Wild Festival 10K Teen (Age 16-17) 3 August 2019: GBP 14.0,

Something Wild Festival 10K Adult (Age 18+) 3 August 2019: GBP 18.0


End Time: 5:00 pm

Huccaby Farm, Hexworthy, Dartmoor, United Kingdom PL20 6SB
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Contact for Enquiries
Ceri Rees, Ben Tisdall

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