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The Race With No Name (Dartmoor Crossing) 12 Oct

Date / Time
Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 9:00 a.m.
Length 35.00 miles (56.3 km)

Race Event: 35 mile challenging self-navigation ultra crossing Dartmoor National Park. At the 8 mile split you take the western split, where the Two Moors Way splits in to and rejoins at Widdecombe at Checkpoint 2. There will be 3 checkpoints at Fernworthy Reservoir car park (mile 13), Widdecombe (mile 17) and Scoriton (mile 24). Refreshments miles 8, 17, 24. Even in October, good weather cannot be assured and parts of the route can become boggy. There are 3 UTMB points up for grabs for the race event, which will be fully supported with a bag drop at Scoriton Village Hall.

Challenge Event: 35 mile Dartmoor crossing, which includes checkpoints at mile 11, 17 and 24 along the Two Moors Way to Ivybridge. Feed stations at miles 8, 19 and 24. Based on a points system, you can run or walk to any of the 3 checkpoints. Our #paceperfect format offers points according to how close you are to the hour mark target time we set you and depreciates whether you are slower or faster than the target time and accumulates by the number of teams that are behind you. This encourages pacing and if you do it in teams a degree of teamwork. Navigation still plays an important part. Teams must stick together throughout and finish together at each checkpoint. Prizes will be awarded to the teams who have the highest aggregate of points across all checkpoints, as well as for each individual checkpoint. The fastest runners do not necessarily get the most points but the time targets will become increasingly harder after each checkpoint.

You can drop out at any of our checkpoints to get points, which can be claimed for any future points races we organise. You will be collected at the checkpoint and taken to the village hall in Scoriton or Drewsteignton (TBC) where warm food and refreshments will be put on. You will then be taken back to your car by one of our rapid response team, who are on standby throughout the day.


The Race With No Name Ultra Early Bird (Dartmoor Crossing): GBP 50.0

The Race With No Name Challenge Early Bird Solo: GBP 55.0

The Race With No Name Challenge Early Bird Team: GBP 35.0




Type of Race  Road
Drewsteignton Village Hall, Church Rooms, Knowle Lane, Drewsteignton, United Kingdom EX6 6QN
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Entry Fee

In Advance : £35.00 (affiliated)  £55.00 (unaffiliated)

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Contact for Enquiries
Ceri Rees


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