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The Broadgate Tower Run Up 2019

Date / Time
Saturday, July 20, 2019 at 8:00 a.m.
Length 3.11 miles (5.0 km)

At The Broadgate Tower Run Up 2018 we had over 300 participants, completing over 1,000 ascents of The Broadgate Tower.  In 2019 we are set to smash through those numbers at the UK's only stair climbing event in which competitors can compete for a charity of their choice or opt to enter directly through Total Motion.


We will of course be back with the 1/4 Vertical Mile and Full Vertical Mile categories, hugely popular for those looking to super size their challenge.  In addition there will be a very special category for those real endurance junkies - Take on a single climb, 1/4 vertical mile and full vertical mile for the ultimate climb - 16 ascents!  




Are you a charity looking to partner with us at The Broadgate Tower Run Up 2019?  We'd love to hear from you and discuss the best way to become an event partner and offer your supporters something a little bit different. 


StepJockey Corporate Challenge


After a successful partnership with Step Jockey in 2018, we are proud to continue our collaboration in 2019. As transformers of workplace health promoting the use of stairs in the workplace we are excited to bring their virtual challenges to life in a real-world competition with our StepJockey corporate wave.  


Kids Waves


Providing the fun and laughter will be our family waves were kids get the opportunity to climb the 35 floors of Broadgate Tower with their parents (or guardians).  A perfect opportunity to do something active and fulfilling together.


Fire Fighters


The fire fighters were a real focal point of The Broadgate Tower Run Up in 2018, and will be again this time round as we see close up how fit and determined they are.  


Elite Race


After a hugely competitive wave in 2018 we look forward to welcoming back our international elite stair climbers to Broadgate Tower for 2019. 










Individual Single Climb: GBP 40.0

Adult + Child (8-15): GBP 50.0

Family (@ Adults + 2 Children): GBP 100.0

3 Climbs (1/4 Vertical Mile): GBP 60.0

12 Climbs (Full Vertical Mile): GBP 80.0

Elite Event: GBP 40.0

16 Climb Ultimate Challenge: GBP 150.0


End Time: 6:00 pm

Type of Race  Obstacle/Adventure
Broadgate Tower, 20 Primrose Street, London, United Kingdom EC2A 2EW
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Matt Hudson

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