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Run in the Dark Manchester 5K and 10K Option

Date / Time
Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 8:00 p.m.

We know there are lots of running events out there, so why choose Run in the Dark?!

Apart from being a unique night run taking place in iconic locations around the world, there's also an important cause fuelling this fundraising run. Run in the Dark is a global running movement helping to cure paralysis in our lifetime.

Run in the Dark is organised by the Mark Pollock Trust, named after blind Irish adventure athlete Mark Pollock. Unbroken by blindness in 1998, Mark Pollock suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury in 2010 when he fell from a second story window that left him paralysed. As Mark strives to walk again, his most complex journey is ahead of him - to find a cure for paralysis.

By taking part in Run in the Dark you are enabling ground-breaking collaborations and research which could change the lives of millions of paralysed people around the world.

Every donation, every step, every study, moves us towards a cure for paralysis and enabling people to walk again.

However, this year's event is not like previous Run in the Dark events in Manchester with road closures, chip timing etc.

It's a casual pop-up run, and the route takes place predominantly on footpaths and pedestrianised areas that aren't closed to the public. The roads are open and other public transport will still be in operation. It is important to remember that traffic will not stop for you. At any stage where you may have to cross a road, you will need to stop.

This event is about being part of the experience, not the time you complete it in. While we're sure some of you will keep track of your time on devices, for your own safety you must give way to traffic and other pedestrians. We'll have bikes leading the run and signs around the route to guide you. If there are any crossings, then marshals will be in position to remind you to stop. They will not stop traffic for you.


Regular: GBP 21.5

Time: 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm

Type of Race  Triathlon / Multi-Sport EventTriathlon / Multi-Sport
The Piazza, 112 Broadway, Manchester, United Kingdom M50 2UW
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In Advance : £21.50 (affiliated)  £

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