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Wanderlust 108, London; Yoga and Wellness Festival

Date / Time
Saturday, September 15, 2018 at 7:30 a.m.
Length 3.11 miles (5.0 km)


Wanderlust's signature mindful triathlon comprises a 5k run or walk, a DJ-powered 90-minute outdoor yoga class presented by Liforme (hosted by Adriene Mishler and Julie Montague alongside Jonelle Lewis and Mona Lisa Godfrey, with Goldie on the decks), and a 30-minute guided meditation (led by Michael James Wong). This must-visit festival brings together a huge number of activities in a stunning outdoor setting including cooking demonstrations, licensed bar and immersion zones, and the new Wanderlust Speakeasy - an intimate and casual lecture series venue. Speakers include Coco Tiekle on 'The Beauty in Breaking'; Emily Clare Hill on 'Bring the Art of Yoga to your Everyday' and Guar Gopal Das, the monk and motivational strategist with over 3m facebook fans. 


The Uncommons concept includes 117 classes and the schedule includes: acroyoga; yoga boards; aerial yoga; reiki activated gong bath; yoga for runners and cyclists; gong meditation/sound garden; sound bath; Sound Journey; Yogangsta Yogasana; tea and sound healing experience; essential oils; Astrology Basics; Crystal Healing Meditation; Breathwork; Yoga Nidra - Yogic Sleep; Mindful Moments; Ayurvedic Eating; Meditation Classes; Forearm stands; Yin and Restore; Permission to Play; Mindful Pottery; Mandala Painting; Fit Flow; Qi Gong and Yin; How Does Your Spine Work; Mandala Vinyasa - 360 movement; Athletic Stretch; Slacklining, Indo Boards, YogiBare Yoga Wheels and Silent Disco. 


The Kula Marketplace showcases clothing, jewellery, handcrafted items and a hugely diverse offering in new wellness products, plus a retail adidas x Wanderlust store.  The True North Cafe presented by Pollen + Grace features Wanderlust's Mexican-inspired vegan Wanderbowl features Mexican black beans + avocado mousse with smoky roasted sweet potato, corn + coriander salsa, beetroot sauerkraut and a creamy chipotle dressing. OMNOM's Ayurvedic Garden provides a beautiful calm space where festival goers can sit, talk, relax, learn and experience ayurveda.

Time: 07:30 to 17:00

Category: Festivals


Wanderlust 108 ticket: second release: GBP 42.08,

Wanderlust 108 premium: GBP 61.08

Artists / Speakers: Jasmine Hemsley, Guar Gopal Das, Coco Tiekle, Emily Clare Hill

Type of Race  Road
Battersea Park, London, Greater London, United Kingdom SW11 4NJ
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