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Run MFC - Coached Running Sessions - Singles Only

Date / Time
Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at 7:30 p.m.

We've starting a running club!

Every Tuesday in Regents Park we will be hosting a running club for a max of 7 girls and 7 guys. It's not a dating event as such, just a chance for a like-minded group of singles to have a coached running session in partnership with WeRun. Even numbers aren't guaranteed but a great run is!

Sessions last 60 minutes, and will typically involve a mixture of a guided warm up, some work on technique/flexibility/mobility/strength and conditioning, then moving into the main 'running' part of the session. Rather than one long run, we tend to break it down into shorter bursts of running, and the format will be different each week to keep it interesting. Our Coaches are in their element working with groups of varying ability levels, and making sure everyone gets a challenging session whilst keeping the group together. Accessible to runners of all ability levels, and certainly not just 60 minutes of continuous running!

Activity level: Sporty as you like

Closest tube: Baker Street, Regent's Park OR Marylebone

Location: Exact location to be emailed to attendees.

Start: 7.30pm

End: 8.30pm for the coached session

Belongings: We've got a locker at the tennis club where everyone in the group can leave belongings.

Age range: late 20s to late 40s

Number at event: 14 max

Dress code: Sports kit

Please note that tickets are only available in advance. Tickets go on sale 1 week before the event at 9am. GBP 5 tickets for a limited time only.

End Time: 8:30 pm

Type of Race  Triathlon / Multi-Sport EventTriathlon / Multi-Sport
Will to Win Regents Park Tennis Centre, York Bridge Inner Circle, Greater London, United Kingdom NW1 4NU
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Entry Fee

In Advance : £7.00 (affiliated)  £

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Entry Limit 14
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My Friend Charlie


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