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The Major's Woodland Warfare

Date / Time
Saturday, September 30, 2017
Length 5.00 miles (8.0 km)

The award-winning Major Series obstacle course runs have been recce’d and redrawn for this autumn - with a brand new twist and a brand new location for the south of England!


Tackle the Major’s “Woodland Warfare” obstacle course which replaces The Major Series South and is being built just 45 minutes from London at Black Park Country Park in all-new terrain – though mud will still feature just a tad! It takes place on 30 September.


The event, which won 'Best Event Series for Beginners' in the 2016 Mudstacle awards

traditionally attracts more than 2000 participants, and is five miles long (8km) - designed with all fitness levels in mind.


Each run begins after a thorough warmup – led by one of the moustachioed Major’s ‘troops’.

The Major himself then takes command by marching ‘recruits’ to the start line and setting off each wave along a course staffed by 40 British Military Fitness instructors who motivate participants with their unique brand of expertise and enthusiasm.


New features include a showstopper obstacle smack bang in the middle of the ‘Major’s Barracks’ as well as the usual chance to snap a selfie with the man himself once your muddy mission has been accomplished - with a splendid medal as proof!


The Major said: "My troops and I have been strategically planning our operations to make our courses more accessible than ever. Now I'm looking for new recruits who are keen to try out one of my mud runs for the first time, or grab their friends and deploy as a team. Our courses may have changed but what won’t is the fun and friendly banter that has become signature to my events. Major out!"


Team entries don’t pay a booking fee so think up a name and get stuck in with your mates, or use the event as an office outing and team-building experience! Book your tickets now by


Never heard of BMF? Get a free week’s training with British Military Fitness when you sign up to one of these events. Find out more at

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Black Park Country Park, Slough, London,  SL3 6DS
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