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Supermile "Normanby Hall Edition"

Date / Time
Friday, August 18, 2017
Length 1.00 miles (1.6 km)

Keep the evening of Friday the 18th of August 2017 free for a chance to race a flat out mile on the Normanby Hall Country PArk course and clock a PB on this fast UKA licensed event. A great addition to your power of 10 and run Britain race history!

You'll set off with other athletes in waves based on your own target time. Whether that's 4 or 15 minutes everyone is welcome and it's a great opportunity to test yourself over a 1 mile course, once referred to as the "everest of running"

The only competition is yourself!.... honest ;)

At the end of the night we will have our fastest 1 mile competitors running so as always it should make for a great evenings viewing. 

First wave will go at around 18:30

Type of Race  Road
Quibell Park Stadium. Brumby Wood Lane SCUNTHORPE  DN17 1S
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