• Unique UK based Independent Site established in 2007, run by runners for runners with a personal service ethos
  • Store, analyse and plan your running and other activities through our intuitive dashboard and your choice of widgets
  • Popular and accurate Online Route Measurer using Google Maps
  • Upload through Garmin Sync, or from other apps/devices (Including Strava) via TCX or FIT files
  • Routes matched, PB's flagged and Age grading as standard for all mapped routes.
  • Over 20 000 recommended running routes, including our unique Gold Routes
  • Progress Trackers - Training Planner, Goal Tracker, Weight Trackers, Shoe Tracker, Heart Rate Tracker
  • Routes and activities private by default, unless you wish to share
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Good Run Guide

About Us


Our History

Good Run Guide (affectionally known by many of our members as GRG) is an independent, UK-based Site launched in 2007 and headed by the sibling partnership of Louise and Andy, both keen runners for many, many years! Our main aim has, and always will be, to share our passion and motivation for running and to provide guides to the best running routes around the UK together with an integrated suite of user-friendly training tools.

The idea for Good Run Guide came about when Louise was searching for interesting routes to run whilst away from home and found that there was little reliable information around and what information existed wasn't particularly suitable for use by runners. Remember, this was way back in 2007, when OS maps were still the most usual way of finding your way around!

So, Good Run Guide was set up to take on the ambitious task of creating a UK-wide database of good quality routes (and now can boast almost 20 000 recommended routes), but our mission has expanded over the years to include all the integrated tools and stats that runners love for improvement and motivation Of course, technology has moved on apace and we have managed to adapt to this over the years, often with the help of our brilliant IT consultant Jonathan Harding. We may only have the tiniest fraction of the budget of the large Corporate running Sites, so may look a bit old fashioned on the outside, but once you delve into our tools and routes we hope you will find that we concentrate on continuing to provide what most runners really use and require to just keep on running!

Happy Running!

Louise and Andy

Good Run Guide founders and authors of 40 Great Scenic Routes in England and Wales

Thank You

We have received a lot of support and encouragement from various people in over the years so we would like to express our appreciation. The biggest thank you goes to our loyal members, many of whom have been with us for a very long time, some even from the very first launch in 2007. Hopefully your personal accumulated data is as entertaining and useful for you as ours is for us! There's nothing like looking back on one's own achievements and planning more for the future!


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