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Membership Renewal Problems

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Started by : Emma Baker on 30/04/13

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Photo View Member Profile Louise at GRGView Member Profile Member since April 2006 Posted 7 years ago

Hi Emma

That is very strange, but we  can't help you with ammending the paypal account as they handle all that.  They just notify us when a payment has gone through so that we can update your account with us.  If you log on to Paypal separately at then you should be able to go into your account and ammend it.  If that doesn't work you could always pay your subscription via Worldpay  - there is a button to do it that way on the renewal page.  But, don't worry as all your running data will be saved for you so you won't lose that if it runs out.  If you can't sort it then please email me.    Thanks for the nice comment :)


Photo View Member Profile Emma BakerView Member Profile Member since April 2011 Posted 7 years ago

I have just been trying to pay my membership and set up the Annual renewal btu have run into a problem with the Paypal/card payments

I got all the way to the end and it told me that i was using an email or card already used for a paypal account but i do not have a paypal account anymore and havent had one for well over 5 years. which i long before i started my current email address and did not have the bank card linked to it either.


please help as i dont want to loose your fantastic site!

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