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Started by : Peter S on 22/01/13

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Photo View Member Profile Peter SView Member Profile Member since October 2012 Posted 8 years ago

Dear GRG Team

Is there a way to display/save the time of day that a run occured in the logbook. I see that the time appears next to the GPS tracked route on the GPX upload screen but when I assign the run to a saved route this data is lost. I therefore freetext the time into the logbook entry.

Am I missing the time data somewhere? Is there anyway to preserve this data from the upload?

Hope this makes sense.



Photo John at GRGView Member Profile Member since February 2006 Posted 8 years ago

Hi Pete,

I'm afraid there isn't a way to do this automatically, you would need to record the time of day in the notes. I'll add it to our feature request list. 

It's always tempting for us to add extra fields to the Log a Run page, so that more information can be recorded about your run (e.g. time of day, the weather, how you were feeling!) but we also want to keep the page fairly simple so that it doesn't have lots of fields to fill in that most people won't use.  This means that we need to consider what proportion of members would want to record this information.  If anyone has any comments on this or other data they would like to be able to log with their runs, please feel free to post here.

Thanks for posting about this.


Photo View Member Profile Peter SView Member Profile Member since October 2012 Posted 8 years ago

Thanks John.

Photo CraigView Member Profile Member since May 2008 Posted 8 years ago

I wondered whether a single 'score' data field could acheive this - say 0-10 - people could assign their own meaning to it - motivatin, weather, energy levels etc...

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