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Hill Distance

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Started by : Antony Allen on 06/11/12

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Photo View Member Profile Andy at GRGView Member Profile Member since March 2006 Posted 8 years ago

Hi Guys, I'd better clear this up as it is a tricky concept.

The flat equivalent distance just gives you a gauge of how far you would have run on a flat course as running up and down hills is much harder than the extra height added on to the distance.

To get the height climbed over the total run simply multiply the climb per mile by the miles run.

I've tried to answer that concisely, if not clear please ask again.

Photo Kerry MorganView Member Profile Member since June 2011 Posted 8 years ago

Isn't it 'Flat Equivalent Distance' minus actual 'Distance'?

Photo View Member Profile Louise at GRGView Member Profile Member since April 2006 Posted 8 years ago

Hi Tony

If you look at your list of routes in 'my  routes' under the routes menu you will see the climb rate for each one, and if you go into view the route then there is a button to view the actual hill profile. 



Photo Antony AllenView Member Profile Member since February 2011 Posted 8 years ago

Apologies if this has already been answered or is obvious to do but is there a way to calculate how much of your run was up or down hill without manually adding it up.

Thanks Tony

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