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Training Planner Import/export

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Started by : Doug Pepper on 16/06/12

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Photo View Member Profile Doug Pepper Member since September 2011 Posted 8 years ago

Is it possible to add the ability to import and export training pl;anner entries, for example in CSV, excel formats, so we can import entire training plans or export to our own calendars in mail clients (outlook, google/yahoo calendars)?

It would be really useful to have my training planner entries on my phone/laptop complete with reminders etc for example, especially when travelling, and to add training plans from elsewhere.

Photo John at GRGView Member Profile Member since February 2006 Posted 8 years ago

Hi Doug - I'll add this to our feature request list.

Is there a particular format you're looking for?  I think an Import option may be difficult as we wouldn't know what format the data would be in, i.e. the structure of the data in the file.  We could produce an export facility to export to a spreadsheet though, similar to the Log Book export.  But again, to be most useful it would need to be in a format that can be imported into other calednar software.


Photo View Member Profile Doug Pepper Member since September 2011 Posted 8 years ago

A comma or tab seperately text file should be fairly open to most program's. As for import, you would just need to have an example format for people to follow, but I understand this might be more difficult for validation of the data.

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