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Information about support for Polar devices on the site.

Started by : John at GRG on 30/05/12

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Photo John at GRGView Member Profile Member since February 2006 Posted 8 years ago

This is still on our list but I'm afraid we haven't managed to progress it yet due to other priorities. 

Robin - Thanks for the offer to provide some sample files.  I'll email you directly about this and it would be great of you can send me some samples.  A Polar file import would probably be the quickest way for us to provide some form on integration with Polar devices so I'll have a look at the files to see what's involved.



Photo Lloyd Sutton Member since May 2012 Posted 8 years ago

Has there been any further progress on this?

Photo View Member Profile Robin WardleyView Member Profile Member since September 2010 Posted 8 years ago

Hi John

I use the RS800 with S3 stride sensor hrm and gps logger.  I can send youy as many files as you like :-)

The pain in the ass will be getting the data directly off the watch as it uses irda.  However there is plenty of info re api's etc on the polar website 


Photo John at GRGView Member Profile Member since February 2006 Posted 8 years ago

A number of people have asked us if we can add support for uploading data from Polar devices to the site.  Before we go ahead with this, it would be useful to know which models members currently use (along with any accessories such as stride sensors), so that we can ensure compatability with the most popular models. 

Also, if anyone is able to send us any sample Polar export files that we could use for tetsing, that would be great - just post back here and I'll get in touch directly.

Thanks in advance.

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