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Started by : Emma Baker on 16/05/12

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Photo View Member Profile Emma BakerView Member Profile Member since April 2011 Posted 8 years ago

Does the site have a guide to stretches for runners etc? i havent been able to find one as yet but i havent been into every single section and sub section yet!

if not i think it would be a good idea as i am never really sure which stretches are good and which are bad and if it was on here it would save having to look elsewhere online for them and then not be entirely sure they are good enough.

Photo MARK SCALLAN Member since June 2010 Posted 8 years ago

I have not seen any stretching advice on this site. I would comment though that my trigger point therapist, (he does not want to be called a physio) advocates that stretching before running is a sure way to hurting yourself. It is after running that it is important. He is darn good at what he does so I do tend to believe him.

I know this does not answer your question but it does raise another, before, or after?

Photo View Member Profile Andy at GRGView Member Profile Member since March 2006 Posted 8 years ago

We don't have a guide to stretching on the site as its a very complex subject and as is evidenced by Mark's post not everyone agrees its a good thing, especially before running. A lot of coaches now lean towards some form of dynamic, rather than static, stretching before although most agree static stretching afterwards is generally good, although not all.... Some would say static stretching of an already stressed muscle may do more harm than good. 

Sorry we can't be of more help!

Photo View Member Profile Emma BakerView Member Profile Member since April 2011 Posted 8 years ago

I was actually looking for strectches to do after rather than before running really. I realise that stretching cold muscles is not a good idea at all!

Photo Angela EachusView Member Profile Member since March 2011 Posted 8 years ago

Emma, your 3 basic quads, calf and hamstrings are a start, i find if i don't stretch beforehand then i lose the feeling in my feet half way round and literally hobble home, everyone is different though. Listen to your own body and a stretch that is hurting, is hurting for a reason so stop. The thing that frees up my calves better than anything else is to drop my heel off a step and raise up onto my toes then dropping a little further. Remember to breath through stretches mild discomfort is all you should feel not pain. Are you having any particular tightness or soreness and are you doing any stretching at all?

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