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Extending Out And Back Routes

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Started by : Barry Smith on 03/02/12

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Photo John at GRGView Member Profile Member since February 2006 Posted 8 years ago

Hi Paul - welcome to GRG.

Just tried the delete section option on one of my routes and it worked ok.  I'm wondering if maybe you are expecting it to do somethint different than it does.  When you delete a section, it will delete all of the points in between the 2 markers and then plot a new straight line to join the markers.  So, if you are deleting a section from a straight path, it will look like it hasn't had any effect.  Instead, you need to use the INSERT mode to insert new points that you can drag into position to form the extra section you want to add.  If that's not the problem, can you let me know what route you are editing and what section you are trying to edit please and I'll have a look at it and advise further.


Photo Paul Matthews Member since September 2012 Posted 8 years ago

Hi New to GRG but finding all easy!  EXCEPT.......trying to delete central section and add bigger loop.  For some reason when hitting the delete the marked section it refuses to go.   Flags at each end suggest that it has correctly identified the section to be deleted, but no, it still there after the edit!   uuuuurgh   after 5 tries still no joy     "is it me....?  any suggestions most welcome. 


Paul (oldSodonaBike)

Photo John at GRGView Member Profile Member since February 2006 Posted 9 years ago

Hi Barry,

Good question!  I think the easiest option is to delete the homebound section of the route using the "Delete Section of Route Button", then extend your route along the canal path, then click the "Home By Same Route" button to automatically plot the new homebound section.  That option probably involves the minimum amount of clicks!  You just need to be careful to select the last point on the route and not the first one when selecting the range to delete - if it's underneath the first point, just drag the first point away slightly.


Photo View Member Profile Barry Smith Member since November 2011 Posted 9 years ago

Great site.  I have logged quite a few routes including a few where I head out for a certain distance and then retrace my route home using the home by same route button, e.g. along canal towpaths.  Is there an easy way to extend the distance on such routes without a major edit.  What I really want to do is be able to take the furthest point from home and move it a further mile say along the path/road etc then resave as a new route.

many thanks


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