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Heart Rate Training

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Started by : Sue Davies on 28/12/11

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Photo View Member Profile Andy at GRGView Member Profile Member since March 2006 Posted 9 years ago

Some good suggestions there thanks Sue. We'll add to the list and discuss soon!

Photo View Member Profile Sue Davies Member since June 2010 Posted 9 years ago

I would really like it if there was some way I could add heart rate training goals. For example I have some routes which I run at a specific heart rates and am looking at improving my pace/time over those routes whilst keeping to my target heart rate.

It would be really good if there was some way to add these to my goals.

Would it be possible to add an improve pace/time for a specific route to the goal section. This would help anyone who uses specific routes to monitor improvements over time to set goals as well as those who use certain routes as heart rate training routes.

I appreciate that sometimes suggestions aren't easy or practical to implement but hoping you might have some ideas on this.




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