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How Do I Delete A Race?

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Started by : Frith Robb on 20/10/11

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Photo View Member Profile Frith RobbView Member Profile Member since January 2011 Posted 9 years ago

My home page has a box listing the races I have run.  I have only run one 5K, but it is listed twice - once in metric and once in imperial, with both race times identical.  I must have put it in twice by mistake, but I only use metric and want to delete the imperial one as it  makes it appear as though I've done two 5Ks, and it's annoying me.  However, I don't seem to be able to delete this  - is there a special way of doing it?

Photo John at GRGView Member Profile Member since February 2006 Posted 9 years ago

Hi Frith,

This information is pulled from your Log Book so you just need to delete the offending entry from your Log Book and it should disappear from your personal Home Page.


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