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Like For Like Hill Profile Comparison

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Started by : Roland Burton on 16/10/11

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Photo View Member Profile Andy at GRGView Member Profile Member since March 2006 Posted 9 years ago

I'm sure you know but for onyone who doesn't, when you save a route the hilliness of the route is calculated and recorded on the my saved routes page in metres per mile of climb so you can see the comparative hilliness of various runs as a number.

If you recorded the route of a run it is also displayed when you view the run under CLIMB / CLIMB RATE giving you the total climbed and the climb per mile.

Photo John at GRGView Member Profile Member since February 2006 Posted 9 years ago

Hi Burtie,

We don't have a way of doing this directly on the site but you could open the two hill profiles in different tabs in your browser and toggle between them or arrange them side by side.  If the routes are the same length (e.g. a marathon) the Y Axis scale will be the same for both routes as this is calculated from the length of the route, so you can then compare them visually.  You need to make sure that you have selected "Normal" Hill Emphasis on the hill profile though and not "Enhanced" as this would otherwise adjust the Y axis scale to emphasise the hills.

I hope that helps!


Photo View Member Profile Roland BurtonView Member Profile Member since November 2008 Posted 9 years ago

Hello chaps.

Is there a way of comparing hill profiles on a scaled, like-for-like visual?

So thst if I was planning to do a really hilly marathon (for example) I could view the hill profile and distance to the same scale against another run, to see how it compares. A bit like when they show images of a dinosaur against a human to give a sense of how big they really were. At the moment, everything just looks really hilly! I'd like to be able to directly compare training runs so that I can see which is the toughest.

Thanks guys - let me know what you think! 

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