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Started by : Robert Bruce on 03/10/11

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Photo John at GRGView Member Profile Member since February 2006 Posted 9 years ago

Well done on completing the marathon!

Our PB tracking in the Log Book works by automatically flagging up the best time for routes you have run more than once.  We don't flag up routes that have been run once otherwise for some people every run would be a PB!  Because PB's are flagged automatically you can't manually flag them.

However, if this is your first marathon, it should show on your Distance PB's (rather than as a Route PB).  These are listed on your personal Home Page (bottom middle section) and can also be accessed by selecting My PB's from the Log Book sub-menu and then the Race Distance PB button on the left.  This shows your best times for common race distances.

Photo View Member Profile Robert BruceView Member Profile Member since February 2009 Posted 9 years ago

I was wondering if I am able to mark a race or run up as a pb.  I have just completed my first marathon and I would like to mark it as a PB, but I guess I have to compare it to another one.  Is this possible?

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