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updating home page

Started by : Frith Robb on 24/09/11

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Photo View Member Profile Frith RobbView Member Profile Member since January 2011 Posted 9 years ago

Please could someone tell me how to put a planned race into the "My Planned Races" box on my homepage. The only option appears to be "update training planner" - but I want to put the planned races in for October and January - how do I do this?

Photo mark RookeView Member Profile Member since November 2009 Posted 9 years ago

The training planner is the right place. on the top where it says the month is a little black triangle that lets you forward through the months, just click forward and put the race as a planned run for that day and you can mark it as a race in the type of run field ( where it gives options of Easy, Steady, Tempo, Race etc). It then goes automatically onto your home page as a planned race with a countdown of days

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