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Is the Garmin 405 worth the extra money over say the 205 or 305

Started by : David Kirby on 15/10/10

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Photo Brian HawkinsView Member Profile Member since September 2010 Posted 10 years ago

Well i took the 305 out on my run today, and have to say i thought it was fantastic, everything was clearly displayed ie pace, distance, stop watch & heart rate. It help me out alot with keeping an eye on my pace.. So thumbs up from me..

Photo Brian HawkinsView Member Profile Member since September 2010 Posted 10 years ago

Well with all the reviews i've read about it, i've just bought the Garmin Forerunner 305, so i'll be taking it out with me tomorrow, see how i get on with it.

Photo David Kirby Member since April 2010 Posted 11 years ago

Thank you to everyone who responded (even you Matt), it looks like a 310xt may be going on the xmas list... Beam me up Scotty!

Photo View Member Profile Mark McVeigh Member since July 2009 Posted 11 years ago

A good source of in depth Garmin reviews is the DC Rainmaker blog:

For a quick summary, see his 2010 recommendations for all classes of athlete.

This is a list of his Garmin reviews:

Photo Helen WardView Member Profile Member since May 2009 Posted 11 years ago

When I was researching which Garmin to buy the consensus seemed to be that the 305 had a larger readout than the 405 so was easier to see whilst running (I've never personally seen the 305 though).  I have the 405 (I decided on the smaller option as I'm quite petite and the 305 looked huge) and I do find it a bit difficult to read on the run but this doesn't particularly bother me as I'm more interested in analysing the data once I've uploaded it.  As you want to check data whilst you're running you may find the 305 easier.

Photo PallyView Member Profile Member since December 2008 Posted 11 years ago

I agree with Ben - I love my 305 and am really annoyed on the odd occasion I forget to wear it. I bought mine on Ebay for £80 (with HRM) and it had only done a few runs.  Bargain!

Photo Ben WellingtonView Member Profile Member since April 2009 Posted 11 years ago

I have the 305 and wouldnt be without it. Love the virtual partner for keeping me at the right pace and the data fields allow me to see time/distance/and Average heart rate (with my HRM on) on the main screen. Used to wear a foot pod with it but gps does a grand job, even in the woods where I go to run. I find on the fast scroll screen settings I can read other stuff such as virtual partner without breaking my neck as i run! I had the forerunner 50 which was pretty good but the 305 has very worthwhile added bonuses that keep the motivation going. Also the 305 has an easy to use charger rather than a battery which in the 50 i found a pain to replace. 305 worth the money for me.

Photo View Member Profile Andy at GRGView Member Profile Member since March 2006 Posted 11 years ago

I agree the Garmin 305 is pretty good although a bit bulky, with HRM, virtual parner etc and 'reasonably' priced. The customisation of the fields is useful too with up to 4 of a whole load of readouts to choose from.....once you figure out how to do this!


Photo Matt JonesView Member Profile Member since November 2009 Posted 11 years ago

Oh the other thing I would say, is that there is nothing worse when you are heaving your lungs out on that last hill when your garmin buzzes and says "Virtual Partner Finished".  ;)

Photo Matt JonesView Member Profile Member since November 2009 Posted 11 years ago


In the most part, your needs are actually pretty advanced and virtual partners are only really supported in the higher end garmin devices.  (The New 410 and 310xt).   There are pretty easy to use and the 310xt specifically is suited to multisport athletes and support a range of cycling accessories too.  These will set you back at least £250. (I use the 310xt on feet and wheels and it is excellent and simple to use)

There may be other brands of device that will suit, Timex have just launched a new ironman model but again this is the higer end of the range.

Perhaps a good compromise on price and your needs for running would be the Garmin 305, a tried and tested, not to mention trusted device which will do what you want.  These are available at a sub £200 price point, beware refurbs though...

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