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What Are 'Progressive' Run Types?

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Started by : Julia Hobart on 13/01/18

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Photo View Member Profile Graeme PoultonView Member Profile Member since September 2013 Posted 3 years ago

Julia, a Progressive or Progression run is a a training run where you aim to run faster each mile or km. For example, say you have a 4 mile training run you aim to increase your pace each mile perhaps starting at a 10 minute mile pace for the first mile and increasing by 30 seconds per mile as follows:

mile 1 = 10 minute mile pace

mile 2 = 9.30

mile 3 = 9 min

mile 4 = 8.30

Obviously you can vary according to your personal goals, run distances etc. It should generally form part of an overall training plan where you combine the various run types - steady, tempo, intervals, progression and recovery but it also offers variation to keep your traiing fresh e.g. alternate between steady and progression such that you start slower than your steady pace and finish quicker

Hope that helps!

Photo View Member Profile Julia Hobart Member since August 2011 Posted 3 years ago

I notice there is now a Progressive run type option - what is this? Have searched on the Forum but can't find any info. Thanks

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