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River Thames Running Half Marathon

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Should I enter the River Thames Half Marathon

Started by : Katherine Edwards on 02/10/17

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Photo View Member Profile Katherine EdwardsView Member Profile Member since February 2009 Posted 3 years ago

Hi Guys

Would like a bit of advise , I recently ran womans 10k at Windsor in 1:05:31 and Yesterday 1st October Kingston Half Marathon 2.29.29 , today my legs do not feel to bad . question I have is

29th October is the River Thames Half and I can-not decide if It is to soon to enter another one.

and if I do enter how should I train for the next 3-4 weeks.

but just not sure , if anyone has any thoughts would be grateful.

I have entered the ballot for the London marathon. so if I get in this would be good training .



Photo View Member Profile Graeme PoultonView Member Profile Member since September 2013 Posted 3 years ago

Hi Katherine,

I would think you are ok to run the half on the 29th but obviously that depends on how your legs are recovering. If you are feeling ok then I would have eased back in the week following the Kingston Half and then and increased the mileage in the mid two weeks back before tapering before the 29th. Everyone is different but ig you feel ok and your body is not hurting then go for it!


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