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Started by : Robert Parry on 15/01/17

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Photo View Member Profile Louise at GRGView Member Profile Member since April 2006 Posted 4 years ago

Hi Robert


That's what we've realised :)  We have had  a FB page for a while but hadn't made anything of it until now.  But, with the general decline in forum use we would like to have more contact, and a better way of letting everyone know of what's happening on the Site and also more contact between members,  so that anyone can look and join in if they want, and ignore if they don't!   Anyway, thanks for liking and getting in touch.  We will be posting regularly on FB from now on! 

Photo View Member Profile Robert ParryView Member Profile Member since April 2012 Posted 4 years ago

Like (I'm sure) other members, I recently received an email from GRG for 'please keep in touch', with the updated Facebook page, etc. 

The really surprising thing about it was that I never even knew GRG HAD a Facebook page in the first place !

I mean, I love that you guys don't throw junk out there all the time, unlike some other run logging/route sites (spam filter really needed for one or two in the past), but you might be taking it a bit too far the other way by not talking about yourselves at all.

Anyway, FB page liked. 

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