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Log Book Distances Not Matching Garmin Distances

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Garmin 220 auto upload, log book distances not matching watch distance - but the laps on log book 'view' do match.

Started by : Joanne Newman on 31/01/16

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Photo View Member Profile JaneyHView Member Profile Member since July 2014 Posted 5 years ago

I was just about to ask a question about this when I saw this thread. The distance is usually similar on here and with my garmin (if it's a run I haven't measured on here and logged) but the big dicrepancy I get is with the time - GRG always has my average pace as faster than my garmin stats. I suppose even a small discrepancy in the distance logged might account for this - but I don't know which one to believe. Think I'll go with GRG as the stats are more favourable!

Photo Gareth DaviesView Member Profile Member since March 2012 Posted 5 years ago

I often find discrepancies between Garmin and other sites e.g. GRG Strava & Runkeeper. It usually isn't by much and GRG & RK seem to be close to each other.


I think it's a case of GPS is not 100% accurate and then the algorithms in each application

Photo View Member Profile Louise at GRGView Member Profile Member since April 2006 Posted 5 years ago

Sorry not to reply to this post earlier.  We will have a look into it, but the info comes straight from Garmin so not sure if we can do anything about this.  You can edit a route to tweak it to the correct distance by going into the route through the 'my saved routes page' but not directly in the log book as you say Jo, as then there would be a discrepancy between the route in your saved routes and the one in your log book.  

Photo View Member Profile Roland BurtonView Member Profile Member since November 2008 Posted 5 years ago

Funnily enough Jo I've just been pondering this same thing. I suspect it's an inaccuracy with Garmin's GPS.

I had a Forerunner 220 until Christmas when I got a Forerunner 235; In December I ran a route with the old watch, and it measured up at 4.10 miles; I've just run it again with the new watch and it's only 3.80! To lose .30 miles over just 4 miles!? It's crazy.

I blame Garmin, but it'd be great if GRG could somehow "rightsize".

Photo Joanne NewmanView Member Profile Member since February 2011 Posted 5 years ago

Hi there,

So I use Garmin auto upload with my Forerunner 220. I have noticed that on some runs, when uploaded, the distance in my log book does not match the total distance I've run and logged on my watch.

For example, I did a 5 mile run, and it only shows in my GRG log book at 4.49mi. However, when you go to 'view' the run, you can see that the laps completed add up to 5 miles e.g 1.000, 1.000, 1.0000, 1.000, 0.9999. Even the flat equivalent distance is nowhere near my total distance. It doesn't do it with every run, however it's done it on two or three so it shows my total distance completed incorrectly. While it's not a massive issue (the miles are getting done regardless) it just bugs me a bit. And of course you can't edit runs that have been directly uploaded from the watch (I don't think) so I can't even correct it manually.

Any ideas on what could be wrong?




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