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Block Clearing Of Training Planner

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Started by : Emma Baker on 23/02/15

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Photo John at GRGView Member Profile Member since February 2006 Posted 6 years ago

Hi Emma - you can do this by repeating a blank entry from the start date to the end date.  Click on the first day you want to delete to edit it and blank out all the fields.  Then select Repeat Daily at the bottom of the pop-up box and enter the date you want to delete the entries till.  Tick the Replace Existing Entries box and confirm.  That should replace anything in your planner between these dates.  Be careful selecting the dates though as this can't be undone.


Photo View Member Profile Emma BakerView Member Profile Member since April 2011 Posted 6 years ago

How can i clear the training planner quickly, ie in bulk? or do i have to clear each individual entry separately?

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