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Very topical for new year - I'd love to make the Goal Tracker punch a bit harder...

Started by : Roland Burton on 31/12/14

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Photo John at GRGView Member Profile Member since February 2006 Posted 6 years ago

Thanks for your suggestions Burtie - we really appreciate your ideas.  We can certainly put this on the list to look at.  The problem with making anything more prominent on the site is that it usually results in something else being less prominent and the thing that you want to be prominent today is often different to what you want to be prominent tomorrow!  There may be things we can do to build something into the processes though as you suggest, like a goal update after logging a run.  Helping with motivation is one of the big aims of the site so integrating the goal tracking features more with the log book is something we can look at.

Thanks again.


Photo View Member Profile Roland BurtonView Member Profile Member since November 2008 Posted 6 years ago

I need to retract my comment below - partially at least! I've realised that one can of course relocate one's goals more prominently on the home page, which does probably tick the box of what I'm looking for. I still do feel that goals can be such an integral part of motivation, I'd love it if they were somehow more integrated with the log book - but for the time being I'm happy. :-)

Photo View Member Profile Roland BurtonView Member Profile Member since November 2008 Posted 6 years ago

So - it's new year, we're all setting goals, we enter them into the goal tracker on GRG, and then.... they kinda disappear. Is there a way to make our goals a bit more integrated with our running activity? A bit more visible??

For example, I just ran 900 miles this year (good for me), but it would've been great if I'd had some sort of really visible countdown, every time I logged a run - ticking things off. That would be super-motivating.

As runners we all know that goals are what keep people motivated but they're tucked away on the site a little bit - I need to go in and hunt for them, which makes them easy to forget. I can't speak for others, but I really want my goals shoved down my throat. :-)

It'd also be really awesome if - having set my goal - I not only got an update toward my total whenever I logged a run, but also some sort of commentary along the way: "Well done - you're 50% toward your mileage goal!" or "well done, you ran a 3.30 marathon!"

And you could even give reminders to set goals! "You haven't set a goal in 4 weeks. Come on, why not work toward something".

That type of thing.... I think it'd help make the site more "sticky".



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