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Started by : Antony Allen on 08/10/14

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Photo View Member Profile Roland BurtonView Member Profile Member since November 2008 Posted 6 years ago

Hooray! Big improvement already!

Photo View Member Profile Louise at GRGView Member Profile Member since April 2006 Posted 6 years ago

Following on from the suggestions on this topic we have now launched email alerts and photos and more info on members posting.  So, you can get email alerts if you add topics to favourites or start a new topic.  You can switch this on and off in your new forum settings.  Please have a go and let us know what you think! 

Photo John at GRGView Member Profile Member since February 2006 Posted 6 years ago

Thanks for your feedback JayDee - much appreciated.  We can certainly have a look at an alternative design for the forum home page.  Do you have an example of another forum home page that you find easy to use?

We're working on some of the other suggestions right now so hopefully we'll be able to put some of them live soon.  Can I ask what the 'small username' issue is?  The forum nicknames are 30 characters long - is this too short?

How does everyone else feel about displaying the forum posts with the oldest post first instead of the newest post first?  That is easy for us to change if there is a general concensus that this is better.

Photo View Member Profile JayDeeView Member Profile Member since September 2010 Posted 6 years ago

I'm glad this topic's popped up.

I really love uploading my runs here and, after using Fetch for a year or two along with the Garmin software I find myself coming back to GRG to log as I love the simplicity of the layout combined with the features. The site is clean and easy to look at and not having adverts is a big plus.

I've been a forum user and admin for ten years or so and often visit forums (mainly FRA) to find answers and info, but I find the layout of this forum quite clunky so don't tend to come on here. Most forums use a cascade template whereas this index page has a horizontal layout, the threads here show the newest result first whereas most other forums display posts the other way around. Along with small usernames and no avatars it feels a little impersonal and I don't find it intuitive to move around. I also agree that new post and new reply notifications would be great. 

I do use Facebook but like the relative anonymity of this site and wouldn't want to discuss my training on FB.


Photo View Member Profile phil NewmanView Member Profile Member since December 2010 Posted 6 years ago

Hi all,i have been a member of GRG,since 2011.Good Run Guide is by far the best,for uploading runs/racing stats.There is so much info to be gleaned from this site.I am also a member of Good Run Wall,which was started off,by other members of this group,and i find it easier to "talk" and discuss all things running and have some funny banter along the way.I am still discovering stuff on here that i was unaware about.I am old school.and do struggle sometimes to suss new technology :) .However i still use GRG to log all of my races/training runs,Garmin site comes no where near GRG.I do read thru the forum,albeit occasionally,and enjoy reading posts on here.Long may you reign GRG :)


Photo View Member Profile Louise at GRGView Member Profile Member since April 2006 Posted 6 years ago

Yes defnitely and thanks Anthony for starting it off


Photo Antony AllenView Member Profile Member since February 2011 Posted 6 years ago

well I am glad that this topic is geting replies, hopefully more will be encouraged to use the forum and on the many other topics on here, some very good ideas put forward here.

Photo Lauren Hindley Member since January 2011 Posted 6 years ago

I haven't posted in the forum for ages, and this post just caught my eye. To be honest, I do forget the forum is here a little bit!

I wonder if there could be some option to have some sort of banner at the top of the homepage with "Popular/Most Recent Forum posts"? Might make it a bit more noticeable.

Photo View Member Profile brenda grantView Member Profile Member since November 2011 Posted 6 years ago

I agree with Burtie be nice if there was a way that you knew a post had been replied to would get us all actively talking and feeling connected. Also make the person who sent orgianl question or post know that they have got an answer rather than seeing its been viewed numberous times but not answered. Thanks Brenda

Photo View Member Profile Roland BurtonView Member Profile Member since November 2008 Posted 6 years ago

... and, while I'm making suggestions, be great if it was available on the mobile version too. :-)

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