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IE11 and various issues

Started by : Derek Bolton on 07/12/13

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Photo View Member Profile Paul CliffordView Member Profile Member since January 2008 Posted 7 years ago

Thanks John. I am having the same problem as Derek so it's good to know that the fault is a garmin compatibility issue rather than a PC problem. Derek - I have been exporting runs as tcx files from garmin and importing them into good run to get around it for the moment.

Photo John at GRGView Member Profile Member since February 2006 Posted 7 years ago

Thanks for flagging this up Derek.  There seem to be quite a few reports of this problem on the internet so it looks like its a universal problem for websites using the Garmin Communicator plugin; there is basically a compatibility issue between IE11 and the Garmin Communicator plugin.  Unfortunately there is not much we can do about this, a fix depends on Garmin or Microsoft.  For the moment I recommend that anyone affected by this use Chrome or another browser instead of IE11.  We'll look into whether there are any other possible workarounds.

I can't really comment on the auto-password app I'm afraid.

Photo View Member Profile Derek BoltonView Member Profile Member since October 2009 Posted 7 years ago

Hi Guys, I seem to be having issues on your site when using my default browser IE11 (with Win 7 OS) I have accepted you in my security settings and pop up's etc as a safe site but the Garmin uploader now does not work and is asking me to upload the communicator, which I have done a number of times but still it occurs. I have an auto password app which now doesn't 'auto password' when signing in (but does on other sites), and finally when I was posting this I could fill in all of the boxes bar the opening post box.

I'm writing this under Chrome at the moment and I have also used Firefox both of which do not have any issues apart from my auto password app that is IE specfic.

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