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Reading Street Names On Routes

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Started by : sue gormley on 21/11/13

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Photo sue gormley Member since October 2013 Posted 7 years ago

I've created a route which is slightly unfamiliar to me.  I need to know street names to ensure I follow the route correctly.  I'm also providing this map to others within my group so they can gauge where we are going to. 

The route markings in broken black lines obscure the street names.  To make it clear I will need to write the street name onto the map.  Can this be put forward as a future development?

Photo John at GRGView Member Profile Member since February 2006 Posted 7 years ago

Hi Sue - If you move your mouse over the dashed route line it should become slightly transparent so that you can read the road names.  For printed maps it would be best to add any extra information you want as notes/directions when you plot the rouite (just click on the points to do this).  Then you can print out any notes/directions with the map as a second page. 

Hope that helps.


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