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Rickmansworth Towpath

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Started by : Adrian Wagstaff on 27/01/08

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Photo View Member Profile Andy at GRGView Member Profile Member since March 2006 Posted 2 years ago
Long time since I had run this one. I made a slight detour, go through housing estate straight then only at gate go left on signed footpath.
Photo Maria Humm Member since January 2012 Posted 9 years ago
Only stinks if wind blowing in the wrong direction!! You could extend this run by mile and half, by carrying on along the towpath by Coppermill Lock to the next lock which is Black Jacks, turning left over the canal bridge, then left again which will take you into Jacks Lane (canal still on your left). At the end of the lane, cross over Park Lane and catch the Hillingdon Trail again
Photo Adrian WagstaffView Member Profile Member since June 2007 Posted 13 years ago
A nice run on a good path. Easy to find the route. Watch out for cyclists, and don't forget to take a peg on this run - the sewage works stink!
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