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One of the most satisfying things about working on Good Run Guide is the amount of fantastic feedback that we get saying how much you like the site. Its encouraging to hear such comments and we're delighted that so many people are finding the site useful and enjoyable.

Below is a selection of some of the feedback we've received.


“This is a brilliant web site. It has really helped to motivate me to get out and get running again. In the short time I have been using it I have been really impressed with how you guys are continually developing it. Keep up the good work! … thanks for a great training aid...Amazing value.” Peter, Wiltshire

“I absolutely love your site” Sean, Somerset

"What a truly excellent and user friendly site. It is by far head and shoulders above many other similar running sites. I have just renewed my yearly subscription...its not only extremely good value but the site is crammed full of lots of information and useful tips. Well done and thank you.” Eric, Surrey

 “I just wanted to say that you have a brilliant website which is very refreshing to see - it has everything you could possibly ask for and then more.” Sarah, Yorkshire

"Great value, lots of content and I like your philosophy of no silly adverts popping up etc.” Martin, Kent

"Congratulations on a site that manages to be intuitive and yet jam-packed with information. Most of the corporate websites could learn a lesson from your site's design.” Stephen, Yorkshire

"I have to say this is a great site and I have recommended to everyone I know!” Charlotte, Surrey

“The best running site by far.” Lee, West Midlands

"I love this site. There isn't much more to say, really, I was using it just now and thought I'd mention it. Thank you. :-)” Anthony, South Yorkshire

“I just wanted to let you know that I think this site is a fantastic resource. I have just started running again after a few years and using your site to log my runs and monitor my progress is proving a great motivator.” Julian, Somerset

“I've been trawling the web for good running and cycling sites, and this is the best...great value for all you do, and I love the route mapping service.  Quicker than anything else I've found.” Harry, Leicestershire

“Just thought I would say how useful I find the good run guide log book, I have been attempting to log my runs for years and have used several different systems and the good run guide is only one I have managed to stick at and gives me the info I want in a very easy to use format.” Nigel, Surrey

“A great web site .I have been running for a few years but have decided to be more committed and this is an inspirational web site full of great advice.  Love the route guides and the way you can monitor your progress.  It will help me upgrade from a 10k runner to perhaps my first half marathon. Well worth a tenner!!!!!!!!!” Helena, Middlesex

“Of all the running websites, I found the Good Run Guide website the best by far.” Jude, Manchester

 “The Good Run Guide is one of the best training tools I have come across” Peter, Lincolnshire

“I can't stress enough how great I think the site is” Paul, Manchester

“It is an excellent web site.  The best I have found.” Paule, Sussex

"Must compliment you on the site, a great psychological boost being able to track your progress, makes the pain almost worthwhile!” Linda, Hertfordshire

“I'm very new to this site and very impressed! It's already motivating me to keep running!” Afra, Leicestershire

“I just found the website yesterday and registered immediately for the 1 month trial.  I will certainly be upgrading my membership, it's a fantastic site.  I love it.” Fiona, London

“A friend at work showed me the website and I was blown away! … I would like to say that I am sooooo impressed with your site.” Steve

“Moving to Oxted this month and can't believe I found this site. It usually takes months for me to find running routes but you have done it for me.” Mike, Oxted

“Brilliant site…you are providing a fantastic service”  Peter, Kent

“For years (and years) I've been trying to measure my runs accurately by using a map and recording dates, distances, times etc in a written log. Yesterday I 'Googled' 'how far have I run?' and there was your site waiting for me! I've just spent a couple of hours logging my details and having a good play around. Thanks for a brilliant site.” Andy, Chesire

“It is just the kind of website I have been hoping to find for years” Caroline, Hertfordshire

“This site is fantastic, telling everyone about it!” Andy, West Yorkshire

“I have come across your website over the past week whilst trawling the net for information on running and distance measurement and I just wanted to say that I think the site is fantastic - very informative and the distance measurement easy to use. I know I shall be using it a lot for working out various routes so thank you so much for providing it.” Debbie

“Congratulations, it's by far the best I have ever seen!” Jacqui, Dorset

“Your site is awesome!” Lesley, Yorkshire

“I do love this site, it's given me a new passion for running” Louie, London

“Never thought that I would get so engrossed in running times. Love the Web site.” Annie, Derbyshire

“I`d just like to say what a great idea you came up with when you built this site. As a new runner it`s great to see my progress.” Paul, Humberside

“Let me please congratulate you on your website. I’ve been accused of being a little obsessed myself in the past with planning and logging my training so it is wonderful to finally find others who do the same! Most of my tracking in the past has been Excel based as it was easier to update and didn't require a complex database. What has been hard to find is a good integrated system to allow for combined training for activities other than running so well done again for allowing this on your site.” Joe, Kent

“Its a FANTASTIC web site - I love it” Lucy, Wiltshire

“I have only just started running,(or trying to)at the age of 50. I have found the web site invaluable. I have signed up for the months trial and am very impressed, but I shall become a member. The web site is easy to understand and to navigate, and to be honest, I find it quite compulsive. Thank you very much I love it.” Jan, Chesire

“I am hugely impressed with the site” Steve, Yorkshire

“I love the website, the running log functions are comprehensive and easy to use. “ Liisa, London

“Thanks so much for your site. It is invaluable to me and now it shows I am a better runner. I am ready to get out there again and don't care if 'it still seems like hard work'” Ellen, South Yorskshire

“I would like to thank you for such a wonderful resource. It has certainly kept me motivated and I can not wait to log my latest run.” Penny, Chesire

"Thank you to you and the team for great customer service!” Mac, Hampshire

"I've just renewed my membership after my first full year on your site and wanted to say how great the site is.  It has been a major factor in motivating me to improve my 10K PB by nearly 3 minutes." Matt, Tyne and Wear

"I just wanted to say that this is a brilliant website.. Found this website through Google and it is just fantastic. So easy to use and navigate around.” Kate

“I was blown-away by the website” Mel, Lothian

“Just wanted to say well done for what is an excellent site.  I have been running (plodding) for many years now and have traveled the internet for a site like yours for years now.” Richard, Norfolk

“I just want to say I love the site and have told lots of my friends about the site to spread your good work. Its seriously good for motivation.” Toby, Dorset

“Really love this site.” Judy, Hertfordshire

“Keep up the good work, the site is looking great and worth every penny of the membership fee you charge I for one am a happy customer.” Paul, Hampshire

"I am a new member of Good Run Guide, and I'd like to say, 'What a good idea, and what a great site'!  I find it incredibly useful to measure and record all my runs, which I had never been able to do so effectively before." Jake, West Midlands


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