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Garmin Forerunner Route MapDownload a GPS Route

This tool lets you download GPS routes for loading onto GPS devices or for use with 3rd party mapping applications.

You can either download directly to a Garmin GPS device or download a GPS file to your computer. There are two file formats available. The popular GPX format is accepted by many GPS devices and mapping applications. The Garmin Course Format can be used with compatible Garmin fitness devices.

ROUTE NAME Dysynni Trail Fest 1km Fun Run


Following Routes with a Garmin Forerunner

Many GPS devices offer navigation features to help you follow a route. There are too many different devices for us to give advice on using each one but below is some advice on using the popular Garmin Forerunner 205/305 running GPS models.

On Your Computer (skip this if using Direct Transfer to Garmin GPS)

  • Download the route to your computer as a Garmin Course File and save it.

  • Launch the Garmin Training Center software that came with your Forerunner and Import the Course File (under the 'File' menu).

  • Connect your Forerunner to your computer and select 'Send to Device' to transfer the Course to your Forerunner.

Forerunner MapOn your Forerunner

  • To start following the route, select 'Training', 'Courses', 'Do Course' from the menu on your Forerunner.

  • Press the 'Mode' button to switch from the data screens to the route map.

  • Your position will be indicated by a filled-in triangle and the route will be shown as a line with an unfilled triangle at the start.

  • Move around until you find the start of the route, then press the 'Start' button and start running in the direction of the route.

  • Follow the line indicating the route. The filled-in triangle indicating your position will move along the route. Your Virtual Partner's position (if enabled) will be shown as an unfilled triangle.


  • GPS devices usually rely on movement to determine direction, so before you start you will need to walk a few metres in the same direction for it to know which way you are facing.

  • You can zoom in and out of the route map by pressing the up and down arrow buttons.

  • The circle around your current position shows the potential inaccuracy of the GPS signal.

  • Pressing the 'Mode' button while viewing the route map on the Forerunner will display a compass, which can be used as an alternative to the map if you prefer.

  • You will probably find it easier to use the on-screen map if the map is oriented to the direction of travel rather than pointing North. To change this, select 'Settings', 'General', 'Map', 'Track Up' from your Forerunner menu.

  • If you can't find the Map screen on your Forerunner, check that it is switched on by selecting 'Settings', 'General', 'Map' from the menu.

  • You can switch your Virtual Partner on or off by selecting 'Training', 'Training Options', 'Virtual Partner' from the menu.

  • Older Forerunner models don't have a Compass. If this is missing, download the latest Firmware from Garmin to add it.



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