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We thought it would be useful to let you know more about changes we make to the Good Run Guide website, so have created this Blog as a place where you can catch up with recent developments.

Happy New Year Newsletter

Posted by : Louise Piears on Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year from Louise and Andy at Good Run Guide........................ So another year is over and now is the time to look back on your achievements during 2017 with pride! There are lots of graphs and Statistics available on the Site to do this. Enjoy!!...................... There have been quite a few changes during 2017 - both big and small! The biggest change last year was the introduction of the GRG App for iphone and Android phones. We hope that you have tried this out and enjoy using it as an alternative to using Garmin or other devices. A phone is never going to be over-practical when running a race as its not on your wrist, but we have certainly found it very easy to use on standard runs and is nice and accurate. Of course the recorded runs goes straight into the GRG log book and there is no need to plug in any device. There is also the option to search and follow shared routes using the App, and also if you are running in an unfamiliar area it does help to find the way! There have also been smaller changes. Although we mostly keep the format and content of GRG to its tried and tested formula ( even if we had the budget spare we wouldn't want to act like one of those supermarkets who keep switching the position of everything), there have been a few other changes to the Site in 2017. There have been small changes to the look of the personal homepage and log book and an extra category of run type, easier route sharing options and a few other small improvements.................... We also recently added our GRG Facebook feed to the homepage so that you can easily see any news, GRG and running related that you may be interested in. Please like us and give us a review using the FB page................... The Garmin Sync has become very popular over the last few years and generally works well. There was an occasional problem for some members earlier in the year but we believe this has now been resolved. If you do have any problems with it then please let us know. Of course the shared runs on the Site and the App continue to rise every day, and now totals over 13000. As you are most likely aware you do have to choose to share your routes, which means we do have some great routes on there and not just everything that anybody has ever measured or run, like some other Sites. And finally! .................................... Finally, thanks so much for being a Full Member of GRG and thank you to those of you who continue to give us great feedback. Please recommend us to your friends as we have a tiny budget to play with compared to the big running Sites out there, and most of our Membership is through recommendation. Best Wishes for a great 2018 and may all your running and other dreams come true! Louise and Andy

How to Compare Your Runs

Posted by : Louise Piears on Friday, December 1, 2017

We have moved the link to compare all your past runs on the same route. So to compare all your past runs for a particular route please now go into 'view' the route through the log book entry and then click on ' View all runs for this route' If your runs have automatically been added through your Garmin or your App, please rename your routes which are the same to your chosen name to compare them.

Forum and Facebook Group

Posted by : Louise Piears on Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Due to the general decline in forum use we have set up a Good Run Guide Facebook page which we hope will gradually replace the forum. If you would like to join please send a request to join at We are also increasing our use of the main Good Run Guide FB page to publish news and tips on GRG. Please follow/like us at

Recommending and Sharing your Routes

Posted by : Louise Piears on Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Any routes you upload/draw on GRG are automatically private to you. However with a click of a button you can share them on a route by route basis on Social Media or via link or recommend them for others to follow via the find a route page or on our new App. We have just added a new button on the view route page which makes it easier to recommend routes for other Members to enjoy.

Facebook Reviews please!

Posted by : Louise Piears on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

We now have a review section on our FB page, so would love to have some more reviews on there. Just go to the page at and click on Reviews on the left hand side. Also it would be great if you could 'like us' (assuming you do!) if you are a FB user

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