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Exploring New Routes

Why not run somewhere new and spectacular!

One of our main aims at Good Run Guide is to encourage runners to go out and explore new routes. It’s often very convenient to step outside the front door and simply run around your usual local route, but step a little further afield and you could discover some great new places to run with wonderful scenery to enjoy while still keeping to your training schedule.

It can sometimes be a little worrying running somewhere completely new, so we make it our business to do what we can to help you explore new routes with confidence. Here are some of the things we do to help.

Quality Vetting of Routes – When you go out and try a new route it’s good to know that it’s worth making the extra effort to get to it. So, every one of our gold recommended routes is run and inspected by us to ensure that it meets our quality standards and we also check through all Member suggestions before adding them toour database.

Large-Scale Custom Maps – You can print off an A4 custom map for all of our recommended routes, usually to a much larger scale than an Ordnance Survey map and with only the detail you need, making them easy to follow.

Clear Directions – All our routes include clear directions to accompany the map unless the route is so simple that you shouldn’t need them.

GPS Navigation Support – All our routes can be downloaded directly to Garmin GPS devices, so that you can make use of the navigation features on your GPS. You can also view the route map on your mobile phone with Good Run Guide Mobile and use your phone’s GPS with GRG Mobile's GPS Route Viewer to help keep you on track.

Route Buddy Scheme – This scheme puts you in touch with other Members who have kindly offered to act as guides to show people around routes they have suggested. This is available on selected routes.

We have hundreds of quality routes to choose from across the UK, so why not Search for a Route and explore somewhere new this summer.

GRG book

We have picked out 40 of our favourite routes in this full colour guide with bespoke maps and downloadable GPS.  Just follow the link from the routes menu to find out more.

Happy Running and exploring!!



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