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Overview of Good Run Guide

Good Run Guide Features

 Welcome to our brief snapshot of Good Run Guide:

This is not an exhaustive list, but will hopefully give you an overview of our unique online site.  Run by Runners for Runners!


Personal homepage dashboard, with moveable widgets so you can see your favourite stats at a glance


Our intuitive Route Measurer using Google Maps, including features such as ‘snap to roads’ retrace route, reverse route.


Simple to use Log book showing route name, distance, pace, age grading, heart rate and calories.

Upload via automatic Garmin sync, GPX and TCX files or manually add using our route measurer.

PB’s flagged when running the same route and cross training options available.



Each log book entry is analysed in full detail with map, splits, pace profiler and hill profile.




A large array of motivating stats and graphs to analyse your activity history, any time you want!


From lists of PB’s –  e.g. by age grading,  distance, routes, races.