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Autumn and Winter Running Tips

Keeping up the motivation for running when the days are short and cold can be quite daunting, so we've put some tips together for safe running in the evenings and also ways to keep motivated when it's cold, wet and miserable outside.

 So, what's the motivation?

  • Often having a race goal is the best motivation, so entering a winter or spring challenge, be it a short race or perhaps even a half marathon or full marathon is a good idea. For inspiration have a look at our Race Finder.
  •  Consider going Cross country.  If you haven't given Cross country a try since school, then you may find it more fun than you remember! Autumn and Winter is the traditional time for Cross Country races.    Many running clubs join in local leagues, but there are also plenty of multi terrain/trail and complete Cross Country races to choose from.  Again, have a look at our Race Finder.
  • If racing doesn't appeal to you, then there are plenty of other goals to work towards.  Simply setting yourself a target mileage, or aiming for a PB  or to run some new routes, there are so many different goals that can be met.  Have a look at our Goal Tracker for inspiration and to set a new goal. 
  • If you don't belong to one already then you could  join a running/athletics club.  Running in company can be a great motivator and often clubs have structured training sessions that can really reap improvements.  Moreover you won't need to run on your own in the dark.
  • Maintaining a healthy  weight and fitness level is the motivation for lots of us to run and it's such a shame to lose all the good work put in during the summer.  keeping track of this by using our Weight tracker and Heart Rate Tracker will keep this is the forefront and hopefully provide some much needed motivation


So, that's the motivational tips.  Here is our top safety advice:


  • Adapt your training schedule to suit your time available.  You could plan more runs during the weekends and day time if possible.
  •  If you like to run off road, invest in some trail shoes to give extra grip when its wet and muddy
  • After dark try to run in places where there are street lights.  If you don't have this on your local routes, then consider travelling a little further afield to where this is lighting
  • See and be seen in the dark.  Invest in a head torch for less well lit surroundings and make sure to wear bright, fluorescent colours and flashing lights
  • \If possible run with others, either with friends or join a Club.  Try not to run alone in secluded or threatening areas.  Always carry a mobile phone and some change/card for a taxi/bus in case you have a problem

  •  Wear the right kit!  Light layers is usually best and consider wearing a hat if it is particularly cold.  Gloves can also be essential!  Its best to wear too much, you can always take layers off if you get hot.


So, there it is - just keep on Running!







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