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Windows Phone 8 And Staying Logged In...

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Started by : H A on 21/07/13

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Photo View Member Profile H A Member since January 2013 Posted 7 years ago

Dear GRG Team, a bit obscure perhaps but...:


When I log into GRG Mobile (or the GRG website) through my Windows 8 phone, it refuses to save my email address (or keep me logged in), whether I click the option box or not. From reading information about how Windows Phone 8 treats cookies, it should allow this to happen? I'd be really grateful if you could find an easy solution to this as having to type out my whole email address each time massively reduces the utility of a great mobile website.


Many thanks,


Photo John at GRGView Member Profile Member since February 2006 Posted 7 years ago

Thanks for flagging this up Harry.  We'll have a look into it to see if we can identify what is causing the problem.  The login email address is indeed stored in a cookie and so I think there must be some browser setting somewhere that is causing it to not be stored.


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