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Discrepancies In Garmin Measurements

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Started by : Lauren Hindley on 20/02/12

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Photo Lauren Hindley Member since January 2011 Posted 9 years ago

Just wondered if anyone else had noticed this and if it's something going wrong or something I have to just accept and live with.

When I finish my run, I press the stop button on my Garmin (305), check my distance, check my pace etc etc. Then I come to upload it, and the distance increases a small amount (e.g. last week, I thought I had run something like 6.85 miles and when I uploaded to GRG, it showed at 7.05 miles). This has quite a bit impact on my pacing, as I thought I was doing about 9:30m/m but after uploading, it's showing as 9:14m/m, so it's hard to know how fast I'm actually going and it's messing with my head a bit!

I'm not sure which is correct (although I'd be tempted to believe the uploaded version, especially as it makes me look better!) and does anyone know why this happens? Is it something to do with hills?

Photo View Member Profile CraigView Member Profile Member since January 2009 Posted 9 years ago

Hi Lauren,
I have the 305 and have had this issue only once.
I dont understand why it happened but at the end of my route I pressed stop and the timer stopped as did all the other readings, but when I uploaded the info onto GRG I noticed it had continued to measure the route right upto my front door.

Check your routes that have been uploaded from your garmin and make sure they end where your run actually ended and not at your front door as happened with me.

If it is doing this then you can delete a section of your route in the 'measure a route' tab on this website. 

Photo View Member Profile Andy at GRGView Member Profile Member since March 2006 Posted 9 years ago

Hi Lauren,

I also use a 305 and haven't noticed anything like you say except if i stop the watch then start again it can sometimes add a bit of distance(but no time of course) between the stop and start again.

You can use the auto lap option on the Garmin to split every kilometre or mile or whatever to get your pace that way: under Training, Training Options and Auto Lap. On the Good Run Guide itself you can also see your splits when you upload from the garmin using the Auto Generate option even if you havent set your garmin up to do them.

Photo View Member Profile Dave JohnsonView Member Profile Member since September 2010 Posted 9 years ago

Hi Lauren, Craig, Andy,

I had a similar (sort of) issue with my Garmin FR110, but shortening the route from the start.

The time was fine, but it started plotting the route about 0.3 miles into the run. This occurred several times, but intermittently.

I downloaded the latest software last week and that seems to have solved the problem.

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