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Garmin Distance Discrepancies

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Started by : Ricky on 15/04/17

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Photo View Member Profile Louise at GRGView Member Profile Member since April 2006 Posted 4 years ago

Hi Ricky


Yes that is.  I can't see why it should appear less on GRG though as Garmin send through the files as is and we don't do anything to them as such.  Would you be able to check if the distances come out the same on Garmin Connect please?

Photo View Member Profile RickyView Member Profile Member since May 2009 Posted 4 years ago

I have a Garmin Forerunner 25. I've had it for a year and up until recently there has been no synching issues. However, in the last few weeks there has developed the occasional discrepancy in the distance from my watch and the distance which appears on GRG. My last walk for example (on 15/04/17) my watch displayed 7.08 miles, but when it appeared on GRG it only displayed 6.61 miles. A pretty big difference you would agree. 

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