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Will I Ever Get Under 60 Minutes For 10k

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Need some workable tips for a lazy runner

Started by : Zola Badd on 17/03/10

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Photo View Member Profile Moneypenny Member since October 2009 Posted 7 years ago

Hi Zola - have you tried following a specific training plan for your 10k races?  If you are just running at the same speed but for longer distances, then this probably won't improve your speed, but if you mix slow runs, speed sessions (threshold pace runs), long steady endurance sessions, hill running and interval training then a combination really does help.  It also makes training more interesting - there are sessions that I really enjoy and others that I dread but feel great once they are over!  Try looking on Runners World (if I'm allowed to suggest that as a complementary site to this brilliant one?!) where they have some good basic plans.

Good luck - I'm sure you'll crack it!

Photo View Member Profile Derek BoltonView Member Profile Member since October 2009 Posted 7 years ago

Hi Zola,

I have the luxury (if you can call it that) of being quite near to an athletics track, so I recently joined up specifically for speedwork and its really hard done properly but well rewarding. We only train for 40 mins maximum which includes recovery time (the actual hard running only equates to around 20 minutes in total) and covers around 5k max. It varies what we do but to give you an idea here are a few sessions:

10 x 500m hard run with 90 second rest in between

22 x 200m hard run with 1 minute rest in between

15 x 300m hard run with 1 minute rest in between

12 x 400m hard run with 1 minute rest in between then finish off with 3 x 60m sprints with 1 minute rest.

P.S. Don't forget to warm up well beforehand and cool down after, I warm up 1 mile slow jog followed with some stretching and after the session 1/2 mile jog for cool down.


Photo Zola Badd Member since March 2010 Posted 7 years ago

Thanks Ladies for your helpful advice.  Speedwork it is then ;--(

Photo Kate GroundsellView Member Profile Member since November 2008 Posted 7 years ago

Hi Zola, I plodded a long at the same speed for about 8 years, always frustrated I could never reach my original PB on 1hr58 for a half marathon, always being just 3 or 4 minutes too slow. I joined a running club and not that we are even advised much how to improve, running with much faster people and being pushed outside my comfort  zone has made me naturally much faster. Last month I did a half in 1hr 45 and tomorrow plan on doing 1hr 44, which has been a huge improvement. I really felt it at first running much faster than my normal pace, but realising I could just about do it really boosted my confidence. Plus running on a treadmill for speedwork, doing intervals, hill training and fartlek also improved me. I also was always within a healthy weight but I am now about 2-3kg lighter which may also have helped. Plus the importance of sleep and rest and a good diet before a race helps. You will definetly get there but it does take time. Good luck

Photo View Member Profile Karen SherpaView Member Profile Member since July 2009 Posted 7 years ago

I managed to get under 1 hour (59.48!) for the first time this February. Similar to you I wondered if I ever would crack this. I started to incorporate speedwork into my training for the first time which helped. I think having a session on the treadmill helps as you know exactly how fast you are going for the intervals and gives you a feel for what it's like to maintain that speed.

What helped me too is to print off a split wrist band for race day so I could see at each km mark what my time should be to achieve say 59 minutes by the end. It'll help you track if you're going too fast or slow to achieve your goal time.

I found this a good one on the intranet if you follow this link

Photo MargeView Member Profile Member since November 2009 Posted 7 years ago

62 minutes is a 6% improvement on 66 minutes! Sorry Zola, but if you want to crack the hour you'll need....speedwork. It's horrible, but it helps. I've taken 10minutes off my 10K time, If you want to run faster, you have to run faster. Get a HRM; plot your times on here, and watch the times come down!

Photo Zola Badd Member since March 2010 Posted 7 years ago

I consistently run 66, 63 and 62 minutes for 10k whether or not I train for a few months beforehand or not at all.  Is this my optimum time that I am unlikely to improve upon, even with an improved (but workable) training regime?

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