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Forest of Dean Trails
CLASS GoldGold Route Location
LENGTH 8.31 miles / 13.37 km
(Equivalent to 8.80 miles or 14.17 km on flat terrain)
HILLINESS Undulating
CALORIES Record your weight to find out Calories burned on this route

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This route undulates through the forest on mostly good trails and forest paths. We make use of the Gloucestershire Way Footpath, forestry tracks and a dis-used railway, now converted to a cycle track.

In 1938 the Forest became England's first National Forest Park, today the forest covers approximately 24,000 acres. Mining has been carried out within the Forest of Dean's boundaries for over 2500 years, as its rocks were rich in ores, coal and building stone, which explains the many disused railway paths.

This Route is of Moderate difficulty Suitable for cycling

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1 Jenny Hodgson 09/07/16 01:54:03 41.64%

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Jenny Hodgson Sunday 10/07/16 10:50:36
The signage is being changed and many of the yellow GW markers and blue and white markers are gone! Being replaced by other signage. Hence I got lost a couple times and actually did an additional mile. The start of run on Speech house side is very hard to find as marker post is completely 'lost' in dense fern growth.
However beautiful run- very pretty and will definitely run again next week- as i know where i'm going now. Lost quite a bit of time trying to find signs that the forestry have removed!

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